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Smart Watering & Irrigation Controls For Fayetteville

Irrigation Systems in Fayetteville When our Ground Pounders Landscaping, Inc. experts talk about working smart, they’re talking about using smart watering and irrigation controls that are part of the latest rave for homeowners and farmers.

One of the opportunities you have today for a smarter home is controlling your irrigation system with a smart controller.

True, for many years in the past you have been able to automate the sprinkler with a timer, but now you would be amazed at the water saving and ease of use features available in smart controllers.

Smart irrigation systems offer Fayetteville time-saving, money-saving opportunities to automate functions that most would rather not have to mess with. How would you like to save up to 70% on your water bill?

Monitor & Control Your Fayetteville Irrigation System From Anywhere With WiFi

Just as you can with your heating and air conditioning system today, you can monitor and control your Fayetteville irrigation system from anywhere if you have one of today’s smart controllers.

Imagine being at the office or away vising family for a few weeks as you realize you need to adjust the irrigation system at home. Just login to the app on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet and make your adjustments or monitor what’s going on.

Moisture Sensor Technologies In Fayetteville Smart Irrigation Systems

You can be on vacation and realize it’s going to rain for a week at home with nothing to worry about when it comes to your irrigation system because you know it’s smart enough to sense the rain.

This is wonderful, even when you are home, because you don’t have to lift a finger to shut the irrigation system off. The sprinkler are manufactured with moisture sensors so even this function is completely automated.

Smart Irrigation Systems Can Tie Into Other Home Smart Systems

Things are advancing at an incredible rate with smart home systems today. You can connect everything together including irrigation, HVAC, lights, window shades and shutters, and more.

Controlling things automatically or at the touch of a button on your smartphone is a phenomenal way to live. Wouldn’t you like a better quality of life like this?

Smart Irrigation For Fayetteville Area Farmers

If you have a farm in the Fayetteville area, you may already know about the smart irrigation systems. You may also know that you can save 30-70% on water bills just by using your computer to schedule everything.

Imagine being able to effectively water all your crops with an irrigation system that works automatically and shuts off when there’s enough moisture being sensed?

This greatly reduces wasted water consumption for your farm. Whether you have acreage or a regular sized landscape, you’ll love working smarter – not harder with today’s options in irrigation systems!

If you have questions or would like to know more about Fayetteville Irrigation, please call 910-476-1060 or complete our online request form.

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